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A. Music Concerts Facilitated: Produced and Directed [In Concert Series]

“Celebrating the Local Performance Arts of Northern Nigeria.” British Council, Kano. The aim of the project was to celebrate and honor local traditional performance talent and showcase emerging new genres with a view to raising public appreciation of performing artists through a series of live performances. Under this project, I conceptualized, arranged, conducted and facilitated the following concerts:

  1. [2008] Voices from the Desert: Pulaar Music Festival, and Introducing Pulaar Rap, 15th March, 2008 [Music EP of Pulaar Rap]
  2. [2008] Amada Rap with Hajiya Barmani Choge and her Calabash Ensemble, Saturday 12th January, 2008.
  3. [2007] Dueling Banjos – Gurmi and Kukuma Improvizations, 13th October 2007.
  4. [2007] Kukuma Music from Northern Nigeria – Featuring Nasiru Garba Supa and Arewa 17th February, 2007.
  5. [2006] Hausa Rap and Technopop – Showcasing Emergent Hausa Rap Artists, 28th October, 2006.
  6. [2006] Ƙoroso Dance Drama – Dodorido (Traditional African Ballet), 24 June 2006.
  7. [2006] Mai Soso Ke Wanka – An Evening with Hajiya Barmani Choge, 8th March, 2006.
  8. [2006] Muhammad Ɗahiru Daura – The Blind Beggar Minstrel, 14th January 2006.


B. Ethnomusicological Music Studio and Field Recordings 

The following are the ethnomusicological recordings I did as part of the digital archiving project to preserve the poetics of Hausa traditional musics and performances (DVDs available]. These recordings are not meant to be commercial, but deposited on the web ( where they can be shared with the world as part of contribution towards archiving and sharing traditional musical heritages of the Muslim peoples of northern Nigeria. Those not uploaded had copyright restrictions from Maison du Culture des Monde. 

  1. [2011] Beggar Minstrels from Northern Nigeria - In Memory of Muhammad Ɗahiru Daura. This was a re-recording of the poetics of a blind beggar minstrel, Muhammad Ɗahiru Daura (1946-2010) by another group of blind beggar minstrels led by Tafida Makaho. All the known performances of Ɗahiru Daura were re-recorded in this session. 
  2. [2010] The Short Round Crew – Gangaramariɗo. This is a recording of urban Hausa Children's ‘after dinner’ songs performed on community playgrounds, spaces and theater in evenings in northern Nigeria
  3. [2010] Surbaajo - Pulaar Female Children's Songs. This is a recording of camp songs by young female Fulani children from Kano, northern Nigeria. 
  4. [2010] Gurmi Music from Kano, Nigeria. This is a separate recording of the Alfijir sessions which singles out only the Gurmi recordings. 
  5. [2010] Aliyu Namangi's Waƙoƙin Imfiraji - Fauziyya Sarki Abubakar Reciting. A recording of the poetics of Aliyu Namangi, the most famous blind classical Hausa poet, who was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. The nine-volume set of Imfiraji were fully recorded in this session. 
  6. [2009] Alfijir - Gari Ya Waye. A wholly acoustic studio recording that showcases what would be ‘Hausa Experimental Music’. It is a recording of three traditional Hausa instruments – gurmi (two-stringed lute, preceding the banjo), sarewa (Fulani flute) and duman girke (Hausa bongo drums). 
  7. [2008] Pulaar Rap - Two-Track EP. The first rap in Nigeria in Pulaar language, featuring Naziru ‘Ziriums’ Hausawa
  8. [2006] Hausa Technopop Live. A recording of the live concert of Hausa Technopop by Abdullahi Mighty, Billy-O, Fati Nijar and Maryam Sansangali. 
  9. [2006] Arewa with Nasiru Garba Sufa. This is a recording by Nasiru Garba Supa, the son of the late Hausa ‘kukuma’ [fiddle] player. The recordings were spread over three years; two of the tracks featured the UK Muslim rap group, Mecca2Medina.


C. Films Produced and Directed 

  1. [2010] Muslim Hausa Children’s Songs (Producer; 2010, dir. Abdalla Uba Adamu, Kano, Nigeria). This is a commissioned video and audio project of the Al Ain Center for the Study of Music in the World of Islam, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and sponsored by Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH).
  2. [2010] Muslim Hausa Children’s Lullabies (Producer; 2010, dir. Abdalla Uba Adamu, Kano, Nigeria). Similar to no 1 above. 
  3. [2009] Equestrian Elegance: The Hausa Sallah in Kano (Producer; 2009, dir. Bala Anas Babinlata, Kano, Nigeria). [Reviewed by Carmen McCain, Daily Trust (Nigeria) 12th November 2011, p. 48].
  4. [2008] The Khalifa in London – A Documentary on the Visit to London of Sheikh Qaribullah of the Qadiriyya Movement (Producer; 2008, dir. Abdalla Uba Adamu, Kano, Nigeria) 
  5. [2004] Kano State Constituency Accomplishments (Producer; 2004, dir. Ahmad Salihu Alkanawy, Kano, Nigeria)


D. Radio Programs – filed under Podcast

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